ODAPCA Call for Presenters

ODAPCA is posting a “call for presenters” which is an opportunity for interested individuals to submit presentation proposals for the upcoming and future conferences and other ODAPCA sponsored programs.   Deadline for the 2020 Spring Conference Call for Presenters is Jan. 30th, 2020      **(However, ODAPCA will be choosing presenters prior to the deadline)**

We invite experts from substance abuse, prevention, mental health, criminal justice, education, health care, research, business, faith communities, social services, and government to contribute to the educational experiences offered through ODAPCA’s conferences and other training events. 

We expect and encourage a wide diversity of subjects as they pertain to evidence-based information in the areas of current research and practical applications in the field of substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.  All submissions will be reviewed by ODAPCA’s speakers and presenter committee.  Accepted presentations will be published in the Conference or Event materials. 

Goals of the ODAPCA Conference and Educational Programs:

  • Provide useful information and training about current research and best practices in the field of  

    substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

  • Provide networking opportunities
  • Create a sense of community among people in the field of substance abuse, prevention and related areas: i.e. criminal justice, education, health care, child welfare, specialty courts, etc..

Selection Criteria:

  1. Clarity of Submission
  2. Value of Session Objectives
  3. Appeal to Conference Attendees
  4. Consistency with ODAPCA’s Mission
  5. Relevance to Target Audience
  6. Level of Participant Involvement
  7. Contribution of New Ideas and Practices
  8. Application to the field of substance abuse of co-occurring disorders

Important Information for Presenters:

  • Plenary session (keynote) speakers will be invited.
  • Most communication with the speakers and presenters committee and office will be done by

    email. Please ensure that we have your current email address at all times.

  • Deadlines will be specified for the handout materials.
  • All handout materials must be submitted in digital format.
  • Digital photographs (JPEG with 150 pixel resolution in color or B&W) will be required for

    website posting and printed brochure.

  • Presenter pages will be linked to the program schedule on the ODAPCA website.


See example below or call ODAPCA (405-793-1545) for more details!!!!

 Thank you! We look forward to reviewing your proposal.



Title: Comfort Zone 

Description: Creative activities designed for the most fun you’ve ever had while pushing your comfort zone to the limit.  Discover what it’s really like to get to know someone new. (Not for the faint at heart or closed minded).

Objectives:  1) Create open and non-threatening social environments

                      2) To reveal human traits and “fears” that we attempt to avoid. .

                      3) Set aside professional accomplishments  used to acquire status and position and discover us similar (and equal) enjoyment of having fun

Click Here for Call for Presenters Application