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Workforce Shortage?

Recently, the Health Resource Services Administration (HRSA) released its report on workforce shortages in behavioral health care. The report- “State-Level Projections of Supply and Demand for Behavioral Health Occupations: 2016-2030,” included an entire section of analysis of the Addiction Counselor workforce. We hope you find this data helpful, as it is available for every state and territory.

As recently as six years ago, HRSA did not even acknowledge the existence of addiction counselors or other SUD specialists, lumping us into the group of “Behavioral Health workforce.” Due in large part to the advocacy of IC&RC, HRSA has realized the need to include and analyze our workforce. This report marks the end of a tremendously successful year of our relationship with the agency, as we have had several discussions with their leadership on the subject of workforce expansion.

You can access the full report at this link: state-level-estimates-report-2018.pdf
More information is available on the Behavioral Health Workforce Analysis

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