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Welcome to ODAPCA's website
 ODAPCA is moving our location, to Harrah, Oklahoma: 18735 NE23rd Street Harrah, OK. 73045


We will be currently operating out of both facilities for a short while, so please call before heading to either

office to make sure we are there to help assist you with your needs.


Our phone 405.793.1545 is the same and the emails as well: and


Mission Statement:

ODAPCA will serve as the leading advocate for addiction counselors and Certified Prevention Specialists in the State of Oklahoma. ODAPCA is the Certification Board for all Prevention Specialists in the state as well as the training and testing conduit for the Oklahoma Licensing Board for those seeking drug and alcohol licences or certification.

Vision Statement:

To educate, assist, and maintain the integrity of substance abuse counselors and prevention specialists through competency-based testing, evidenced-based training, and nationally recognized certifications.

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Testing News: 

Dear IC&RC Stakeholders,

Prometric plans to resume in-center testing operations in our US and Canadian locations where we are able to do so in compliance with governmental directives or regulations, effective May 1st. We have been working tirelessly to ensure that our test centers are prepared for the resumption of testing at the earliest possible date, in support of your organization and the many constituencies you represent. Our preparations include performing a series of activities that will confirm both technical and operational readiness at each site. In the current environment, our operational readiness steps include the introduction of several new or enhanced processes designed to safeguard the health and well-being of everyone at the center, including your test takers and the staff serving them.

One such procedural change required is the reduction of active workstations in the testing room, to conform with government-mandated social distancing standards. This will ensure proper distance is maintained between each individual during test administration. It will also effectively reduce the capacity at each location by at least 50%, and will require Prometric to displace scheduled candidates on select workstations in order to be able to preserve the remaining testing appointments. We understand the impact that this will have on those test takers and are committed to testing them as soon as possible, including looking to expand capacity through increased test center hours and days of operation. The following is additional information for you:  

  • Prometric will inform impacted candidates early next week of the need to cancel their existing appointment as the result of implementing social distancing preventative measures (attached here).
  • The date range of the appointments that will be impacted runs from May 1st through June 30th. 
  • After the candidate notification has been sent, we will begin processing the cancellations and reschedules (program depending) in the scheduling system. Cancellations and reschedules will be prioritized by appointment date.
  • We will provide you a list of your impacted candidates within this 60 day period.
  • For test takers scheduling new appointments for dates from July 1 onward, the available capacity will appear to be the same 50% that's imposed during the social distancing period. Out of an abundance of caution, we will hold off on displacing these candidates for now, but we will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed should that become necessary.
  • Every 30 days, Prometric leadership will review current conditions and will determine if an extension of the social distancing measures are necessary. If that decision is made, we will inform you of further candidate displacements and will inform candidates of their cancelled appointments.
  • For test takers who will be testing during this time, Prometric will reconfirm their appointment and send clients and candidates a list of social distancing and safety guidelines that candidates will have to follow while in the test center. More details to come as we finalize this communication and have a better understanding of where we are equipped to open on May 1st.

We are addressing testing operations in other regions of the world in a similar manner, by applying the same evaluation process described here.

We thank you for your patience, understanding and support as we strive to re-establish safe and reliable testing operations on your behalf.


Sean Colton


405.793.1545 . Address: 18735 NE 23rd. Street Harrah, OK 73045 .

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